Joan Fauble Justiniano



夫と私は1995年に宣教師として日本に移住し、バイブルスタディをリードしながら、1999年に Christian Academy in Japan で高校と中学校の演出(ドラマとミュージカルの両方)を監督し始めました。


I was born and raised in Ohio, USA, and became a Christian when I was 21.

I studied theatre at Miami University, and later earned a Bachelor of Arts in Bible from Lancaster Bible College.

My husband and I moved our young family to Japan to serve as missionaries in 1995, and in addition to leading Bible studies, I began directing high school and middle school productions – both dramas and musicals – at Christian Academy in Japan in 1999.

I raised four children and am now a happy grandma of 3 grandchildren.